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Money Transfer

Sending money abroad has never been easier when you send through Sanam Travel. We have a safe and secure system which has been reliable for our customers. The quick and easy procedure allows our clients to get on with their busy day and leaves us to contact the receiver and arrange collection hassle free.

If you want to send anywhere in the world you can use our Western Union agent. Money is received in minutes, directly through the bank and next day collection. Western Union is a global brand and is well known for its reliable service. The receiver can collect from any western office that is close to them. Mobile alerts to confirm payment has been received is a new feature which saves you constantly calling the beneficiary to get a response.

We specialise in sending money to Pakistan. We direct access to all the banks and we pride ourselves on the service offered.

Money can be received by all the main banks, including;


You can send money for next day collection from any branch or you can send directly into the account which takes 3 -5 working days. Although this takes longer, it can be easier for the beneficiary especially for larger transactions.

Transaction Amount ID Requirements Duration
£0 – £2000 ID (PASSPORT & DRIVING LICENSE) within 60 Days
£2000- £3000 ID + BANK STATEMENT within 60 Days


We also have a unique Indian money Transfer system which gives our customers who are sending to Punjab or Delhi, an option to use this free HOME DELIVERY service. There are NO SENDING FEE’S and arrangements for drop offs can be secularly done when our team on the ground contacts the receiver. We accept no amount under 1 lakh Indian rupees.

Requirements:   2 forms of ID (passport or driving licence)

One utility bill (within the last 3 months)

Amount an individual can send on 1 ID is £3000 per 90 days.

Sanam Travel strives its hardest to offer the most competitive rates. As the rates always vary, we are constantly pushing the companies to give our clients the best rates in the market.

Note* Rates in the country receiving will always be higher than those given in the UK

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    Sanam Travel LTD is AML and MLR Registered. This means that we are a protected company against money laundering.

    We reserve the right to refuse any transaction at any stage without informing the customer of any reason. We keep records of all transactions and relevant documents for 5 years and provide these details to relevant authorities when necessary.